Monday, October 21, 2013

Event planner

A weekend in the city led to some "how to organize an event" ground rules realization, as shown in SFAI Concentrate, a San Francisco Art Institute event I stumbled upon this sunny Sunday. Besides the generous views from the historic campus, 5 things were present:

1. Naive art:

 photo IMG_5035_zps83598136.jpg

2. Interesting architecture:

 photo IMG_5036_zps040a602b.jpg

3. Fun and games (aka "ping pong is trendy these days"):

 photo IMG_5038_zps0ca116dc.jpg

4. Charismatic artists in the cafeteria:

 photo IMG_5040_zps80848041.jpg

5. Lace and tights:

 photo IMG_5044_zps3467f72b.jpg

Tights - Forever21, shirt - anonymous

I adore the thighs. Girls stare at them on the street, oblivious to the fact you can buy them at the nearest mall. In the left and right corners are layers I have shed during the day, climbing up Chestnut and soaking in the sun. Sitting on the wood bench sipping ginger ale, little bubbles of envy played in my heart - how fun must be to study here? But then, it's art students we're talking about. Fun is not on the agenda, right? 


Anonymous said...

cool tights

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

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