Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Once upon a time, in the 90s

Lately, I've been musing about being a teenager again. It's the change of seasons - when I was 14 or 15, growing up in a small town, the cooler air and the graduate shift to winter always excited me. I'd go out to meet friends, peeling a clementine on the go - the smell of the clementine and the fresh air on my cheeks are still the strongest reminders of freedom and adventure. The 90s were a turbulent, exhilarating ride - sometimes life is now, too, but not as often. So in the 90s:

 It was OK to look trashy, individual, cheerfully cheap:

 photo f7691df67ea93b34585d4b42e8755fd1_zps049e4e0c.jpg

And my favorite movie was Fight Club, gritty and full of raw life:

 photo fightclub_zps96594423.jpg

And my favorite role model was Sara Poley in "GO", lost and bitter yet ready for action:

 photo sarahpoley_zpsb2510338.jpg

And I wore a one-piece bathing suit because I thought it makes me skinnier:

 photo stephanieduncan_zps94029253.jpg

And for my graduation party I wore something like this:

 photo stephanieduncan2_zps7de16226.jpg

And social life was about sitting outside with friend. Just outside, anywhere:

 photo friends_zps82e55d71.jpg

I miss the 90s a lot, and apparently, so does Pinterest, where all these pictures were sourced. I'm roughly guessing there's a whole world of pinners out there reminiscing about teenage-hood again. It's probably the winter. What do you miss about the 90s? Tell me while I peel a clementine. 


KATE said...

I miss real music, like the smashing pumpkins and nirvana

Anonymous said...

The pic of the two girls wearing one-piece bathing suits is magical.
In the 90's all I wanted was to become a londoner (and work for MTV if possiable :)).

Clothes on Trees said...

MTV WAS the dream :)

Liron Bonano said...

Music and 90210 I loved them so much.

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