Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Favorite 3: Princess Warior

New winter trends! How exciting. It's been awhile since we had the "Favorite 3" section here, but I think it's time - so much to favor this fall! When it comes to seasonal shifts and innovations, I belong to the "trendy accessory" school - don't pile it up at once, accessorize with fashionable prints and be saved of the fashion victim stigma. Unless we're talking about printed stars, of course! 

 photo 37_zps396f7734.jpg

1. TNT starry shirt - sheer and dreamy, with the right amount of dazzle. I'd wear it with jeans and boots,  with a furry west thrown over.

2. TopTen camouflage loafers - the trendy accessory indeed. The camo trend passed my by so far, but   these are just too nice.

3. Nine West shoulder bag - again, not the one to switch bags every season. Hell, I think I have ONE BAG for all my appearances, which is not very fashion-forwards, but prevents the "oh, my phone is in the OTHER bag!" incident. Might reconsider for this cutie. 

What are your favorite trends for fall?  Will you don camo or opt for an optical illusion purse? 

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