Monday, November 4, 2013

Brand (New) Love: Riyka

It's great to start a new blog section, it's even grater when you're able to keep up with it. It's been half a year since the last (and first) "Brand new love" entry, dedicated to brands I love and lust for. Not Alexander Wang and friends, but brands for fashionistas in the know, that I can (almost) afford. As winter keeps knocking on our doors and windows (I pulled out the crochet blanket!), I'm desiring some structure and subdued sex-appeal, executed so well by RYIKA.

 photo 1418276_10151830819098110_152276333_n_zps4ffd5fb6.jpg
 photo 1420401_10151830818323110_719505748_n_zpsd39f4393.jpg

 photo 1422729_10151830818288110_1635746560_n_zpsc239a970.jpg photo 1458969_10151830819073110_1022249690_n_zps9c4b83e5.jpg

Riyka A/W 2013 Collection

Rebecca Johnson, the mastermind behind Ryika (together with her husband) is well known for her pointy corners and triangular patches. I attended her design school graduation show, and must say that allthough she toned it down since, the language is still the same - sharp, edgy, so London cool. back in the day in Tel Aviv, and now she's a Londoner. I love flowers and lace, but now I crave straight lines and color blocks. I guess people change. 

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