Saturday, November 16, 2013

Screen Heroine: Ava Hessington

Sometimes, I discover things too late. I always thought "Suits" was one of those empty-shell, superficial shows for people who actually have cable TV. Well, I was right, but who knew everything in that office is so desirably glamorous? The dialogues, of course, are way too scripted, and the characters put more effort into their wardrobe them into acting, but the wardrobe department, let me tell you, is marvelous. It is especially marvelous when modeled on a very hot mature woman:

 photo michelle-fairley-as-aa-hessington-on-usa-networks-suits_zps5b43fc60.jpg
 photo 21020708_20130718105646877_zps0fa939be.jpg
 photo suits-310-stay-03_zps4067a224.jpg
 photo 21020705_20130718105644362_zps435fa15a.jpg

Ava Hessington, the very sexy corrupt mastermind, appeared out of nowhere in season 3 and single- handedly stole the thunder from the svelte Jessica and the naughty Donna - fashion-wise, of course. Her designer ensembles, usually in royal blacks and creams, are spot-on. The capes, the asymmetric sleeves, the big jewelry - if I will have Ava's figure (the actress Michelle Fairley is almost 50), I'm willing to reconcider my bohemian-grandma plan for her style. 

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