Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Seeing Red

"Cheap manicures and magazines - that's why I'm still in the US", I told my significant other today. Joking, of course, but those and the cheap garage-sales clothes are, indeed, among the undeniable strengths of the great "America". Just look at all the stuff I got this weekend:

 photo IMG_5146_zps2452196d.jpg
 photo IMG_5150_zpsa1737a15.jpg
 photo IMG_5152_zps8443b726.jpg

Dress and belt - vintage
Shoes - Osborn

My latest hobby is raiding estate sales and picking up the most cheerful things - a poncho, a red dress, fun shoes, for the price of a candy bar. I fell in love with my new friends - the "matador" dress and the "tribal" ballet pumps the minute I met them. How could other people have things that are so "me"? It's a riddle. The weird, "crumpled" wall also caught my attention while shopping for upholstery fabric, so I had to pose with it, but lets face it - these items deserve a vacation setting, something of Portugal or rural Spain. Hopefully, sometime soon! 

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