Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Who's that girl?

As a dedicated fashion person, I'm supposed to be a "chameleon", trying on new trends and identities. I'm supposed to be "true to myself" but also "to experiment". Instead, I sometime wish I was someone else altogether. Someone like this:

 photo 5E905DC05D505DE05D905EA05D005D505E405D905E805E705D505DC05E705E605D905D905EA05D005D505E805D505EA05D405E605E405D505DF05E105EA0_zpsba631507.jpg
 photo 5E905DC05D505DE05D905EA05D005D505E405D905E805E705D505DC05E705E605D905D905EA05D005D505E805D505EA05D405E605E405D505DF05E105EA0_zps8990a246.jpg

Icy blond, with dark brows, someone who's so evidently bold she isn't afraid to wear faded colors and be slightly melancholic (from Shlomit Ofir Northern Lights collection campaign, with the enigmatic model Ola). Someone, let's put it this way, Scandinavian - with bone structure and skin of an elegant Ikea sofa, with precise, understated charm. 

 photo comme-il-faut-5E705D505DC05E705E605D905D403_2013-5E605D905DC05D505DD0-5D005E005D40-5D905DD0-1_zps31daf5eb.jpg
 photo commeilfautccedilOtildeUumlccedilaeligUgraveOcirc3_2013aeligUgraveUumlOtildeYacuteETHagraveOcircUgraveYacute18_thumb3_zps8cba2097.jpg

Or mysterious, wise and experienced (like ex-beauty pageant girl Yana Kalman, shot by Anna Yam for Comme il Faut campaign). Anna Yam is a noted Israeli photographer and artist - once I ate crumbly cheese at her galley opening, while she was greeting guests and being demure. I guess this goes to prove art and commercialism can co-exist sometimes, when done by true artists: these shots are amazing, and I've never seen Yana so severe and magical before. One can allow herself with a beauty-queen resume. I wonder if she ever wants to be someone else too.


marjorie morningstar said...

אני חושבת שגם הבחורות הקרחוניות, האציליות והמושלמות ביותר שואפות לפעמים להיות מישהי אחרת. אולי נמוכה ומתולתלת כמוני :P

הדוגמנית בקמפיין של שלומית אופיר זו מרים רוט?

Clothes on Trees said...

מנסה לברר - זו לא מרים, זו מישהי אלוהית

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