Friday, November 8, 2013

Winter news: 5 Things I'm ambivalent about

In the fast workflow of a journalist warrior, you deal with tons of bits and pieces of info, on daily basis, browsing on your computer. Sometimes you mumble "this is so cool!" to the dismay of your book-preferring partner. Sometimes you're outraged (he dates WHO?) and sometimes you are ambivalent. And this is a very confusing feeling to have. So let's just say this is my therapy:

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1. Natalie Portman's "comeback"

I recently wrote an article about comeback for my magazine, and apparently - maternity leave does count! Now Natalie is back with "Thor: Something Something" and I'm not sure how to feel. Her red carpet style is a snooze as usual. Her refusal to look sexy is not cool anymore. But then, she's classy, no? But I'm subliminally bored and the whole Dior thing feels so parve

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2. Lars von Trier movie posters

So the gloomy Dane's new movie, Nimfomaniac, is due in December, and already causing quite the stir. We hadn't had a good sex movie in years, and all of a sudden this, plus Blue is the Warmest Color - so much for a cold, frigid winter. Although I'v never met a von Trier I didn't like, the posters are part genius, part cringe-worthy, right? Do I really want to see Defoe's orgasm face? 

 photo rs_634x834-131003070746-634Vogue-Nov13-Cover-Claire-Danesjl100313_zps2c15aa8b.jpg

3. The Homeland obsession of season 3

This one is tough - it happens that the promotional interviews around Homeland's new season pop out well into it (I'm currently watching the 6th episode). And while Claire Danes looks beautiful and I love Carrie Matheson to death, it's been, so far, the weirdest, most depressing piece of TV on earth. No spoilers, I'll just say it's not quite the same, and the obsessing and praising at this time seem disproportional and misplaced. Tough, indeed. I highly recommend this issue of British Vogue though. Good reads. 

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4. The Olsen twins line for JC Penney

For a while, I wasn't aware of the existence of JC Penney. But I'm well aware of the Olsen's design career, and quite like Elizabeth and James and The Row, whoever makes those happen. But this cheap effort is underwhelming - Olsenboye has nothing to offer me, so it seams, even though I really wanted to buy something and bask in the reflected glory of an affordable diffusion line. Confusing and disappointing. 

 photo arizona-muse-estee-lauder-modern-muse-perfume_zps3a51df47.jpg

5. And finally, Arizona Muse for Estee Lauder

Next time I'm shopping, I'll make sure to smell the Modern Muse perfume. It might smell like the MOMA? Or maybe like books and ink? Whatever it is, I do love Arizona Muse. But I love her wild, untamed, angular, off a ship on an island, wearing a chunky knit. You get the point. This campaign, turning her into a sophisticated socialite, makes me a little sad. She's too clean, not quite herself. She's not the pretty barbarian princess at all. Discuss? 

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