Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Mixed emotions

The winter won't start. My new coat is waiting, my boots are yearning, my hair is dry and contemplating a new color - perhaps, Siena Miller's? Anyhow, I'm trying to keep busy and distract myself - instead of waiting for rain I'm lighting Hanukkah candles and developing projects. Candles burn fast, projects go slow.

 photo DSCF3246_zps9a049cc4.jpg
 photo DSCF3247_zpscb48f42e.jpg
 photo DSCF3248_zps5c9ed165.jpg
 photo DSCF3249_zpsbd09663d.jpg

Vest - Twentyforseven

This post is a true celebration of some of my new favorite items. I never could resists a crazy print, and this dress may look like a maternity rode from the 70s, but I adore it anyway. A complete contrast - this delicate bracelet, by a designer who incorporates Israeli materials into the jewelry. A perfect gift for the homesick girl. 

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