Friday, December 6, 2013

Favorite 3: Grandpa Style

I'm not the one to encourage young ladies to dress up like a grandpa, although this trend had made appearances in street-style blogs, especially on skinny ladies with no need for a bra. Grandpa-chic just doesn't look good on voluptuous girls, and it's a life fact. However: 

 photo 38_zpsa8946e0c.jpg

1. A totally cool grandpa cardigan is the stuff of my dreams - my inner geek rejoices whenever I see a smart, old-timey knit like this Sacks piece.  

2. It never comes up in the photos, but I'm blind as a bat and wear black Tom Ford glasses whenever I can (otherwise, in public - contact lenses). I might switch to these Traction glasses, however.

3. Ballet pumps and booties are my shoes of choice, but oh how I envy women who can pull these Pretty Ballerinas off. On red, no less!

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