Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Surfer Hopes

I'm never going to be a surfer. When I was little, my Russian school had swimming lessons at the local pool, but putting my head under water seemed so absurd to me. These days I wear contact lenses, on top of everything, so water-in-your-eye sports is out. Beach-inspired colors and prints though? Yes please.

 photo IMG_5511_zpsdd6110b0.jpg
 photo IMG_5510_zps6b7ff930.jpg
 photo IMG_5515_zpsd6240bef.jpg

Skirt - Topshop
Shoes - J.Crew

IT's embarrassing how much I'm being asked about this top. Yes, it's from the Nicki Minaj collection, which - after reading this piece of fine journalism - I couldn't pass by. It's a damn fine collection, let me tell you, over-the-top prints and studs aplenty - and the top worked itself perfectly into our trip to L.A. Yes, this is a So-Cal beach. And yes, I know you want a piece of Nicki Minaj awesomeness right now. More L.A to come soon!


sefi said...

ניראה מדהים!
שמעתי שאל איי זה מקום לוהט בימים אלה. זה נכון?
מה הולך שם בעיר?

Clothes on Trees said...

בקרוב הפוסט! :)

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